Our Value Proposition

We give clients the ability to:

  • Execute an action plan that integrates operational, management and strategic issues.
  • Understand ways to grow revenues and improve margins.
  • Avoid costly mistakes.
  • Know how much cash they need.
  • Fact-based approach to deal with business risks.
  • Orient the company to have a forward looking focus.
Benefits of using an Outside CFO
  • We provide day to day management bandwidth to implement improvements.
  • We negotiate and manage banking relationships.
  • We do statutory and compliance work and answer related questions.
  • We have a bias to implement an action plan.
  • Bring cross functional information together to drive value for other business functions.
  • A forward looking orientation.

Outside CFO vs. Full Time CFO

An Outside CFO:

  • is a variable instead of a fixed cost, and can expand or contract with needs.
  • Will transfer knowledge in a “show and tell” manner and have a team approach.
  • is able to prioritize critical issues and develop options.
  • Is committed to prioritize and solve problems via project oriented work.
  • Able to work outside existing inter-departmental issues to energize a business with new ideas.
You should call us…

when your company

  • is growing or contracting.
  • is lacking expertise to produce and interpret financial reports.
  • loses its CFO or Controller and you want continuity immediately.
  • is looking to increase profitability.